Monday, January 9, 2012

Think outside the box~~Open Enrollment its affiliate time

Think outside the box-Affiliate enrollment, free recruiting business tools.

Thinking outside the box~~Open Enrollment its affiliate time

            Thinking outside the box~~Why join as an affiliate what is expected.

What does thinking outside the box~ mean to YOU? Looking for options, opportunities?

Thinking outside the~~causes a reactions. Lets’ think about it image a large box one you can fit inside, what would you bring with you first, you are there for 1 week and only can take 5 items with you? Some may consider a flashlight, cell phone; lap top and others have stated an object so that in 5 days they could cut themselves out.  Image if you were advised by an expert that the only item you would need is a pad and pencil? How would you respond? Would you trust the expert? What questions would you pose? Would you think outside the box?

Some of us receive information daily on opportunities such as joining as an affiliate that could improve our way of life but, we decide to remain inside the box afraid to try something new, and different. I believe that thinking outside the box becoming a new affiliate is something special and unique. Thinking outside the box could move into an affiliate status and learn about your business and how you can assist the team. Thinking outside the box means popping open your closed box and enjoy every minute.

Comfort zones prevent us from thinking outside the box; it hinders, growth, and dulls our listening ear. So you say your business is not benefiting you, work is hard, no one reads your blogs, no one comments or gives a constructive critique and you decide to throw in the towel. Well I say think outside the box, try something different advertise differently, change the course of your thinking and push forward.

Thinking outside the box, says out with the old and in for the new. My new thinking outside of the box this year improve my blogs, goal set my perspective affiliate count, target the right audience and align myself that know more than me. I believe this is one way of thinking outside the box what are your thoughts?

Thinking outside the box~~~

Its’ an open enrollment day

Carolyn Coleman-Grady – business leader-

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