Friday, January 27, 2012

The Lion-Tigers and Bears oh my

The Lion ravages the Tiger and the Bear comes in to help. In our socioeconomic status today, the lack of economic gain diminishes and as impoverish communities rise one would ponder of the future of our families.
The Lions with great minds have not provided solutions, and the people are ravaged by lost jobs, increased homelessness and limited resources. The Lion ravages the tiger and the bear cries out in pain. Are their solutions? Absolutely, could these solutions work? Why not, but when the big lions roar the tiger and bear lay down.
The big lions of business sharing the wealth equally, how does one share the wealth, it is not always financial sharing its knowledge, wisdom and training that is want tigers and bears want. What causes one to withhold valuable information that will help someone grow? The experts are available does this means that those who g\crave knowledge do not seek it? What position do you have on sharing knowledge, and wisdom with others? It is in my opinion if you want information you must seek for it, find people that have perfected business growth, that understand the strategies to succeed in business. 

For those who are seeking understanding, read blogs, learn how others due business, and then share your information. It is the cycle of learning it must continue throughout your business walk. The lion ravages the tiger and the bear cries out because they forget that three better than one and each of them need each other to survive the game.

Share with two people today your strategies on success of a business; it may turn into a positive outcome.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady: The Lion-Tigers and Bears oh my

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