Friday, August 3, 2012

Imaginary Life-Facing the opposition and winning

Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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August 2, 2012

An imaginary life-Living as a winner in the face of opposition

I have to tell you this year Olympics are wonderful.  The competition is fierce.  The anticipation of watching the next event is exciting. Many like me are staying up late just to see the Gold celebration. Competitors like Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, Schmidt, Phelps and 8 medals for the USA. Phelps won the 16th of his career. What a fantastic accomplishment.  This seems to be the one season when the world has come together for a common good cheering each other on. Imagine a life of a winner.

Winning doesn’t come easy, one must focus, train and imagine “that which is unseen as if it is seen.”  The opposition of defeat is not an option.  Going for the Gold is what is desired.  Children from all over the world will be flipping; running, swimming and rowing building their images of success until it manifest, and come true. Living like a winner is truly an honor. This year the Olympics are the most exciting night ever. Let the games begin.  Clary from our own backyard Riverside, took the swim met by storm.  He received gold what an exciting event. How does the opposition steal dreams of success?
              Telling you, it cannot be done
  •   There is not enough money to send you
  •  You are not good enough      
  •   That could not be what you should do
  •   You mean little girl/man up the street no way
  •  It won’t work

These are not the best responses to dreams of success. The challenge of competition and warring off the opposition could lead to defeat if your imaginary life is stifled by others.  Going for your dreams whether it is business ownership, athletic adventures and competition, building an empire, whatever you decide to do just do it and remove all obstacles that will hinder, slow down or turn your directions. Fight for your dreams by pursuing them full force.  Anticipate obstacles, and plan around them.  Get prepared for the challenge and meet it head on. 

Facing the opposition head on is the answer, pushing forward with your dreams and going for the gold.  Can you image your life in five years from now? If you cannot sit a moment and stimulate your imagination dream while you are awake, see your business thriving and growing.  Take a good look at your opposition and refused to be defeated.

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