Monday, June 25, 2012

Internet Marketing with Pizzaz

Carolyn Coleman-Grady
Better Web Builder
June 24, 2012

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude
Thomas Jefferson.
What does it mean to have the right attitude?  Attitude, beliefs and values often play a role in our decisions making.  5 important attitudes to have when building a home based business.
1.       Belief
2.       Confidence
3.       Eliminate Fear
4.       Act
5.       Innovative
Mohammad Ali once said “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
Mohammad Ali

This quote is significant butterfly’s take off smoothly they glide through the air then has a fantastic landing.  Thy never know what awaits them and yet they move through territories unfamiliar with confidence. Confidence and competency link together.  Competency, how many times have you visited a store or shopping mall and you asked the floor clerk were an item is located?  They point to a direction causing you to ask down there? And the clerk says yes or states, I’m not sure and disappears.  This is so disappointing.  I would rather have someone who says “I’m not sure where it is located but, lets’ look together.  Confidence and competency vital to the success to internet marketing

Believing in your-self is very important.  The success of a business takes tenacity, and self-motivation.  To move your business from one level to another it is recommended that you remain focus, and develop the drive to continue each day.    I received a call today from an associate a young man building his Network Marketing business, very excited about his new business venture; he shared the particulars with me and asked if I had any questions.  This young man’s excitement, drive and motivation stirred me up and I became excited for him.    He talked so fast sharing all he could get in about his business.  The joy of the call came from his self-confidence and motivation.   We must believe and have confident in what we are doing.  Confidence keeps you focused and on track. 

Eliminating fear is a challenge that we’ve faced or facing right now.  Fear will prevent one from exploring their options.  Fear will tell you this is too hard and cannot be done.  Fear will cause one to put the idea and dreams on hold.  Fear will cause your Internet marketing business to fold now that fear has miscalculated and fear got it wrong.  When fear rises speak to fear and move it from the focus of your business.
 Act on your dreams, be innovative, creative ideas that bring joy to your heart but also have potential to bring residual income to you and your family.  Remember, believe, have confidence, delete fear, act on your dreams and develop creative innovation.  Business is a challenge; turn your challenges into a successful venture.
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

90-Day Challenge

Carolyn Coleman-Grady
Better Web Builder
90-Day Challenge 

Advance training on better web builder

I want to share with you how to use better web builder with an existing business

These tools can be used to grow any business. It is for the expert and or the novice.

There are certain tools that can help you do expand your business:

1.       Personal Websites

2.       Customizable

3.       Capture Pages

4.       Product pages

5.       Emailing system

6.       Blogging

7.       Auto-responder

8.       7 level pay plan

9.       Product packages

a.       Silver

b.      Bronze

c.       Gold

d.      Platinum

Less than 1 dollar per day you just need to pick a position.

Novice or Internet Pro could use one complete package.

Step one- Getting started –pick a position there are advantages with picking up one of the packages. But you may use these free tools for life. Tools and resources are 100 percent tax free. There is great earning potential.

Once you have decided to pick a position, go through your check list located in your business manager. Follow the check list step by step.  One of the advantages of this business is your ability to customize and create your website using better web builder tools. Putting together a game plan will help you generate the revenue you need.

Step 2- Remind yourself why you joined and what motivates you to do the business.  Many times we join businesses because we have a need.  I’m wired with motivation today.  My goal is to speak with 2 to people every day.  When you get enough of what you are doing, it will motivate you to take the journey.  The winning achiever takes action every day.

Taking actions doing something positive every day working consistently on your business every day does make a difference. Starting point at the line, stretching it out and watch your lines go miles and miles apart toward success. Each little bit everyday makes a difference. It is easy to do. But it is also not easy to do. We have to have a daily commitment.  The winning achievers do something every day taking actions.  90 day challenge doing something new. The fortune is in the follow up.  If they are not interested it is ok.  The best tool in building a business is reaching for the hammer you best strategy.

Step 3-Never quite the only people that loose in network marketing are those that quite. Don’t attend your business webinar showing up is very important it vital to your success.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Creating a journey you’d love to take.