Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscars-And the Oscar Goes To

The Oscars is an American Academy Award that recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry (

I decided today The Oscar goes to two my affiliates each of them receive the Oscar for excellence. The team acknowledgement is my way of thanking them for allowing me to help achieve dreams. Team work is a great concept if you have the right team.

Teams with cohesive relationships last longer, communicate and work diligent to ensure the teams’ needs or met. I love groups, just like the committee that determines which film and host will participate in the Oscars. It takes strategies to build great teams endurance, and longevity is key components.  

The team I have discuss issues, provide input on what works, we encourage each other and build one another up. When mistakes occur we acknowledge the mistake and move on. Some teams like to sabotage one another’s effort when in fact this tactic will destroy a team.

Teams must work together in network marketing. Groups grow by helping each other understand important concepts. Team decide together to meet in the conference rooms to learn and strategies. For example, webinars, teams decide to attend, and then meet together to discuss new services, products, and ways to generate streams of income based on the information received. The team I serve is very supportive, and provides great input. Once you’ve found the team that works help, support, and make yourself available to them.

I’m available to ensure that information I receive about my independent business is passed on to the team. I love to share concepts that work. When a team member is identified as hard working, and diligent the team reaps the rewards. Of course there are individual rewards as well. I’d like to present the Oscar today to Team Rhino of Better Web Builder great job. Remember your dreams are achievable when you believe.
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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Oscar night

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Education-Courses That Change Your Directions

Education-Courses that change your directions
Hi Carolyn Coleman-Grady here. I had a thought today, how many people start out going one direction and change courses abruptly? On my drive home, a car driving leading the traffic decided to abruptly change the course of direction. It was quick, swift and very jerky. It made me wonder how often our lives change courses right in the middle of the stream.

Abrupt changes in our lives leads to confusion, frustration and irritation. Have you every driven on the wrong street or road, it seems you have landed in another world, lost and can’t find your way out. It is so frustrating, or when you go into a mall or movie its’ light outside, but when you come out its dark, and you have forgotten where you parked. It causes such irritation. We all have those moments.

Sometimes, we get off course because we just can handle directions. Even then we become frustration, and confused. I recall driving thru to a city that was over one hundred miles from my home, music playing, air conditioner blowing, and I’m singing away. Suddenly my navigation system directed me to turn left, I decided to follow.  I noticed it became hotter and hotter, and the air conditioner was not as cool as it was. All of a sudden I see a sign, “the Mohave Desert,” I have turned and changed the course of my directions and frustration and irritation began to travel with me in the desert. No one on the road but me, dirt and mountains everywhere, and I were lost.

 I tried the cell phone no one answered, it became a nightmare. I traveled and wow a car, so I drove as fast as I could just to keep up with the car in front of me. I finally get to a junction to my right Johannesburg, to my left a town I’ve never heard of, now mind you I’m in California so these cities were foreign to me. As I talked this thing out to myself, Here’s the dialogue, “you are not going to Johannesburg so you are going left,” it ended up being the right choose, I finally found the freeway I never should have turned off. I was so frazzled, I vowed to my relatives, I’ll never go again, and I was traumatized hot and irritated. The moral of this “what I call a tragedy for me.” 

Sometimes in our business endeavors we stray off course, we get the idea we know it all and can function on our own, but indeed this is not the best choose, get guidance, run your decision by an expert that knows a little more than you, discuss the change openly because after all it’s not worth getting dumped into the Mohave Desert spending half the day trying to work your way out. Get education on your business, stay the course and watch, you’ll be victorious just you wait and see.

Hey thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my story by the way it is true, I have not returned to my relatives, love them dearly, but they have to pick me up before I travel that road again. J

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Education-Courses that change your direction 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Engine-AudiR8 or Bentley

Hi Carolyn Coleman-Grady here, it is 6:40am and what popped in my head was AudiR8 and Bentley both expensive cars but a wonderful dream which could come true with hard work and persistence. Now let’s look at the engines, under the hood of AudiR8 there is a V8 high powered engine which lots of horse power, the parts are sophisticated, and difficult to work on, but it is super-fast. The cost of maintenance is low, and it speed is over 100 miles per hour.  

Bentley is stylish, classy and very expensive. let’s take a look under the hood. It has a V8 engine with a lot of horse power; the speed of a Bentley is over 200 miles per hour. A Bentley is smooth, and sleek. This car is hand crafty and built in England. Bentley’s motto, “look to the past to refine the future.” ( The spirit of adventure was equally exemplified by W.O Bentley & Wolf Barnato; they were equally enthusiastic about winning the Le Mans. Although the Bentley is fast, and designed to race I would drive a Bentley slow.

Now, you are probable wondering what is the relationship with business; well I’m glad you asked. Looking for the right business, you have to review history, know the when, what and where. Look under the hood check out the parts, track the progress, and its growth. What is the cost to maintain the business? Compare the cost of up grading paying less than 94 cents per day is better than paying over 3 dollars per day.

On your system check, review the system is it user friendly? Both engines are expensive but the Bentley maintenance cost is significantly lower than the AudiR8. Choose a system that is user friendly, with a navigation system you can learn and understanding.  There is nothing more frustrating than apps you can’t figure out. What happens you close the hood, it is equally important to review if the business systems you choose will work with your existing business. 

What I like to see in a business is its tracking system. I want to track my traffic. For me this is an important feature. Just like the AudiR8 and the Bentley if they had not tracked the performance how could they know what needs to be changed or added?

There are many features to review and you will need to determine what business meets your need. If I had to compare better web builder features I would compare them with the Bentley because under the hood you’ll find just what you need enhance your business performance.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady¶¶¶~Bentley please

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leadership-Focusing and Attracting from the power you have inside

Leadership-Focusing and Attracting from the power you have inside

Pointing others in the right direction, knowing the next step, and leading others to do what you do. You must be the leader of many, if you can't lead one you can't lead any. The traits of leaderships include knowing your goals, and objectives will help you become highly successful as a leader.

A quality leader has the vision, and places the vision inside. Leaders arrive earlier to webinar's, explore the website for understanding, imparting leaders have the vision, conviction, and inspired the energy get to it done. Leaders have a goal and believe they can achieve it.

Leaders make decide once they have the vision, set goal, and do not fluctuate in their minds. Leaders stand firm in a decision to do or not to do. Leaders get the information then make a decision and stick by that decision. Thomas Edison did not stop after 100 times making a light bulb he made a decision or Cornell Sanders who rode around until he reached his goal. Make your mind say I will, I can reach my goal. Leaders know change happen as a result of decision, make a decision to deal with them or not deal with them. Once a conscious decision is made, implement it right away. Every successful person makes decision, until you make a decision you are sitting in a limbo.

Focus on what you are doing this is critical don't deal with what has gone wrong expend your energy on what is going right.  Believe you are going to get the people to build your business, and you will. Leaders know where attention goes results go, concentrate on what you want to achieve.

  1. Keep Goal in the focus
   2. Attitude

Having the right mental attitude, as you have that focus on where you are going and watching it every day it will give you that enthusiasm, excitement needed to reach your goals. You do this by looking at the other qualities, focus, concentrate and ensure the goal without anything stopping you from achieving that goal. Get excited!!!!!

If you think you can or think you can't either way you are right
Leading by example, it is what you want your people to do. Encourage by helping them to becoming successful. They will began to do what they know will give them success. You set an example by your activity and or in activities. Commit to webinar’s, get there early like office meetings introducing your-self, and shaking hands remember that, led by example. Create ways to respond to people, you must set an example good or bad. Set the right example. Be what you want your distributors to be. Look in the mirrors and see if you would sponsor you.

Setting an example is not the main means of influence another it is the only means
 Albert Einstein
If you what to soar take off, as you take flight people will follow you. Final thoughts success does not happy overnight fly right now today move forward.

 I appreciate you spending time reading this blog.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Leading by example

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Force-Better Web Builder

Now today I really wanted to share with you a business force to be reckoned with in the field of marketing. Better Web Builder works, why because it has been tested over by 2 engineers. Now you know engineers are smart, “Engineers are grounded in applied science, and their work in research and development is distinct from the basic research focus of scientists. The creators of this wonderful automatic system are both Engineers.

They decided to transition their skills and knowledge into the world of marketing and stumbled upon a way that could generate money, and help others capitalize on this as well. Today I’d liked to offer you 100 dollars’ worth of business and recruiting tools. This is a great deal, and you can capitalize on this offer today. These tools work for any business new or existing business. Today you have the force that gives your business leverage. Thank you in advance for joining today.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One to One-Kick Start your day
Description: Mark Twain quotes (American Humorist, Writer and Lecturer. 1835-1910)

Hi Carolyn Coleman-Grady here, have you kick started your day? Well the secret begins not with a cup of coffee but getting started with a bang. Power up your brain early, excite your mind with wonders beyond your imagination and get ready to explore your breakthrough.
Here are some simple steps to get you started.
1.Break the complexities
2.Develop and small task log
3.Prioritize your log
4.Set a goal of completion
5.Now get your coffee

Home based businesses can become overwhelming, there are tasked to be done on a daily bases particularly in the beginning. Until your business takes a life of its own you may find yourself plugging away. Not to fret, small steps lead to great big leaps. I loved the quote by Mark Twin it covers it all. We must have a one to one session in our minds, getting out mind settled, and uncluttered.  Today make it a power up your brain day, kick start your day with a one to one, and make your task manageable starting on the first one.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-One to One


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Foods-Passion, Compassion, Humor

Foods-Passion, Compassion, Humor

True Wisdom-Comes from God

Monday, February 20, 2012

Treasures-Opening your Closed Treasure Box

Hi Carolyn Coleman-Grady here, Sunday I was thinking about treasures, and how often we possess them but we never open the box. We fill our treasure box with old businesses we’ve tried over the years, for one reason or another the expectations were not meet so we leap from one networking internet business to another.  We master the cycle of back and forth seeking the perfect solution, and forgetting that within the box we’ve closed there’s gold.

What we must remember, it takes time to build, if we look for instant gratification our business will go inside the treasure box with the others. You know that old saying, “its gold in those hills” I’d like to say there is gold in that old treasure box. Don’t you think it is worth another look?
A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
J. R. R. Tolkien
I love this quote, it reminds me that my business is a treasure and I have the key. Internet marketing is like a treasure hunt it reminds me of that old saying “its’ gold in those hills.”
Unlock your treasures today it may be gold.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I was sitting here enjoying the movie Men of Honor and what crossed my mind when Cuba Gooding Jr demonstrated his ability to endure adversities was dedication, loyalty i.e. his drive to finish the course.

Enduring adversity
1.      Tune out negative comments
2.      Find like- minded people
3.      Speak words that influence others and yourself
4.      If prayer strengthens you then pray
5.      Remain focus and stay the course

1.      Set aside time to develop a specific business purpose
2.      Dedication influences your drive toward a specific goal
3.      Dedication is an out-word expression of your commitment

            Stay committed, faithful, honest, and true. Principles which last a lifetime.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Honor-Men & Women of Honor

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rigour-Hardship the Rigours of Joblessness

The people who do not get jobs are often the most vulnerable in our society, and joblessness is a terrible plight for anyone who suffers from it.
Tim Bishop
There are many families suffering the hardship of joblessness. Many of my friends are in construction and have been hit hard. With upside down mortgages people scrambling to find solutions it is rigorous. Although the plight is touch and the road looks dry and limited there are ways to stream residual income your way it will take diligent and commitment.

These are some devastating time, but this is the time to be like a squire. Squires store for the winter putting a little up at a time, placing those little acorns in a storage place, planning and preparing. Tim Bishop’s quote used the suffer, loosing anything causes some suffrage but, the good Lord never said things would be easy, but He did call us to endure, stay the course and have faith. Be encouraged today, focus on a plan that will bring additional income into your home then act on that plan.

Many of the hardships we suffer are related around loss of something. I pray that everything taken from you be returned 7 times your loss. Make it a great day and know that help is on the way.
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Carolyn Coleman-Grady –Rigour or Rigor which every way you spell it work diligently.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Viral]-Marketing Gone Wild

[Viral]- Marketing Gone Wild
Carolyn Coleman-Grady
Better Web Builder

[Viral]- Marketing Gone Wild
Viral Marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increase… (Wikipedia)

Nurses see viral as infectious, spreading from one host to the other and usually we provided teaching out reducing its spread. However, with viral marketing, we want it to be infectious and contagious. Viral Marketing takes unique techniques something different others would love to review further. When a commercial advertises something new, like Carl’s junior new biscuit breakfast my sons wanted to rush out right away to try it, the commercial shows this huge biscuit filled with items, deep voice saying try this new biscuit and it drew them right away. 

Another example of viral marketing is the new mattress commercials with the cheetah eating and partying during work time, this commercial is going wild on the video viral scene. These are just two examples of the techniques that are used to draw people. I believe it is important to consider how you are marketing your product, what marketing buzz words you use and how you advertise your information on existing social network.

One important key, limited the amount of information on your website, make sure it is not busy it may overwhelm your visitor. Create an advertising buzzword that causes people to repeat it again
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Carolyn Coleman-Grady Viral Marketing Gone Wild

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Increase-It is God that gives us Wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18 But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy fathers, as it is in this day.

            I believe in the laws of increase (prosperity), principles of knowing where wealth comes from and then receiving the power of understanding the principles. Wealth what does that mean to you, riches, more cars, bigger house, owning an airplane? The perception of wealth has different meanings to each of us but it is linked to money.

The first thing God said, I shall remember the Lord thy God, so in everything we do must begin with remember who God is, this concept keeps me humble, because it is so easy to believe that all we do is a result us our own doing. It is not easy to get wealth it is hard work, challenges and trials that could be ahead of you. If God gives thee (me, you) power to get wealth, it sounds like there some work ahead and endurance and strength will be needed to endure the course. Like a runner he or she has to prepare their body, mind and spirit to compete in a race, in that preparation there are things they do, diet, exercise, practice, stay up late, pushing themselves in order to complete the race and win.

The purpose of all of this is to establish what God had promised the Abraham, seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him. Genesis 18:18
Carolyn Coleman-Grady-To Increase