Monday, January 16, 2012

King-The Legacy

King-The Legacy
Think on what is pure, good and holy this is what Martin Luther King stood for. When I think of Kings’ legacy, I become sadden in my mind, but my heart rejoices because of his obedience to a cause that would change the world. He stood for what was pure i.e. all people living together to achieve the American dream that we all desire an equal chance to achieve goodness. Martin Luther King a man a valor what does this mean? Speaking the truth, your yes means yes and your no means no. Martin Luther King lived the life he spoke. He was a family man who took care of his wife and children. His calling smoothed the lines of injustice it moved like streams of water from city to city.

Martin Luther King stood for righteousness this is difficult for many to understand, to be righteous you must believe that there is unrighteousness. If you stand for unrighteousness you must believe there is righteous line that you have decided to cross. Martin Luther King viewed unrighteous matters as a hindrance to the growth of people. Unrighteousness, is like a chain that hangs on your neck weighing you down, it breeds discord which transcends generations. I was saddened on that terrible day but my heart rejoice because of his example of fairness, kindness, loving, and caring I can share this example in my life. He was obedient to the voice of God, and we honor him in parades, celebrations, church services and joy because of the man, because of the legacy, and because of life.
Happy Martin Luther King Day


  1. I must say when I read some of His quotes here I am 50 years old and just now Hearing them. I love being on line I learn so much from Great Minds as Martin Luther Kings and here is my favorite Martin Luther King quote right now. Darkness does not Drive out Darkness.
    only light does.
    Hate does not Drive out Hate.
    Conquor the Evil with the Good Jesus Christ.
    And what makes these Great Men unique they died for their Beliefs not Killed for them

  2. Jaunita thank you for your comment. MLK was a great man, he was a man of faith, believed what God says as to be true. He was obedient to the voice of God. He stood for peace, equality for all. What a wonderful tribute to his life.