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Looking into the Future-Hey Dagwood wait up

                                                         Blondie On A Budget (1940)

                 Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go –T.S. Eliot

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July 21, 2012
                Marcus Annaeus Seneca a man bore of wealth back in the Roman days 54 BC-ca. 39 AD. Seneca was a rhetorician and writer.  He states, “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficulty.

Interesting quote on daring to think something is difficult.  The struggle between what we think and what we do cause people to not take risk.  Maintaining a safe-haven is not always the best answer.  Business is risky.  But, you dare to think that it is difficult and dare not to pursue the business avenue. Enabling your future limits your ideas, talents and support from others.  Peak around the corner see your future.  Are you having difficulty meeting life’s twist and turns? Dare to meet the difficulty head on.  Whether you were born into wealth or poverty dreams still come true.   Remember the cartoon Blondie and Dagwood? Could you imagine Dagwood making sure he had enough to meet the expenses of his family?  Here is a funny clip “when Blondie on a Budget (1940).

A neighbor asked Dagwood to join the Trout Club the membership was 200 dollars.  Dagwood had difficulty discussing this request with Blondie.  Blondie wanted a fur coat.  She felt it was quite unfair for Dagwood to join the Trout Club and she not receive a fur coat.  Dagwood’s old girlfriend arrives with a fur coat and Blondie became jealous.  Blondie dreamed of a fur coat.  Dagwood dreamed of joining the Trout Club.  Both had dreams that exceeded their budget. Dagwood then receives a phone call from a contest Blondie entered. The gentlemen on the phone informs Dagwood, he had won 200 dollars.  The fur coat cost 185 dollars.  

What in the world you have done?  Dagwood took the money and purchased Blondie her dream fur coat.  He forfeited his desire to fulfill his own need. Little did he know that Blondie had budgeted for the 200 dollars Dagwood needed to join the Trout Club.  By the way the Trout club was damaged and would cost 7500 dollars to repair.   Sometimes we must dare to do the thing we dare is difficult.  It may even mean placing others before us.  When we do this life has a funny way of replenishing that which was given.   Business can be cruel, challenging and difficult.  But, what adventure is not? Blondie and Dagwood had some challenging times, but they made a decision to embrace them together.  Life little challenges makes it all worth living.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Alzheimer's Disease-Devastating effects on millions

Alzheimer's-Part 1

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July 16, 2012

Alzheimer's expert predict over the next five years 16 million Americans are expected to develop  Alzheimer's.

 Legislative bill proposals have been introduce to the Food Drug Administrative department in hope that a plan of action is developed to promote needed treatment.  Health care providers are developing strategies to ensure that those living with Alzheimer receive adequate medical treatment, drug therapy, and quality care.  Question still remains regarding the primary cause of Alzheimer, what are the early onset symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and which treatments are most effective.
The focus on Alzheimer’s care is important to the health care industry because of the projected growth of Americans living with Alzheimer’s over the next five years.  The lack of funding in the area of research could cause an adverse effect on the growing Alzheimer’s population.  The need for advocacy support on local, state and federal levels is important to the care and management of this aggregate group.   The health care industry clinicians are interested in ensuring safe care, fair distribution of funding to care-providing-facilities, and educational training.
The Alzheimer’s Association has made great strides to promote awareness, provide patient and family support, and lobby for research associated with new drug therapies.  Legislation has announced the new enactment by the Food Drug Administration Innovation Act of 2012.  The Innovation Act, signed by President Obama, will support Alzheimer’s research efforts to reduce number of people affected by this disease.   The following questions will help health care clinicians understand the needs of these aggregates:

1.      What are the causes of Alzheimer’s?
2.      What are the early onset symptoms of Alzheimer’s?
3.      What are the treatments of Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s care and management requires educations.  Families and groups need interventions that support adequate management.  Health care providers are instrumental in facilitating support through Alzheimer’s Associations and focus groups and developing programs for Alzheimer’s caregivers.

In five years, that 16 million people will be affected by this devastating disease.  Health care professionals interested will increase in the following areas: interventions, management and treatment.  Health care Providers, play an integral part in establishing educational programs that will support and train on prevention care of this aggregate group.  It is important that the health care industry coordinate with resources such as the Alzheimer’s Association.  Because of the concerted effort of the Alzheimer’s Association, the FDA has implemented plans to help in the management of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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