Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fake Click::death to a business

Guest Blog hosting featuring an article from Google on Fake clicks watch your advertising bot click.

This article will shock advertisers. If you are experiencing fake clicks you need a traffic tracker. I am amazed at the type of scams hosting false information on your Business. I do not mean to be be negative, but taking money from Internet marketers through clicks that are fake is just wrong. I am not sure how many of you are experiencing bot clicks which attaches malware each time the fake click occurs,  this is bad for our computers.

Goggle shared this article and I am perplexed by its content. I believe when we are informed then we make better choices. There are many advertising companies on the Internet, promising you exposure, and traffic. It is important to research and test the system. Be informed, don't let your advertising efforts and money fall in t o the business hole of no return.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Disciipline: Lukewarm-Financial Check up

                                           A Financial Check up Have you made an appointment?

Others live on in a careless and lukewarm state - not appearing to fill Longfellow's measure: 'Into each life, some rain must fall.' 
Mary Todd Lincoln 
Hello, Carolyn Coleman –Grady here today I thought to myself are you lukewarm living in a careless state.  I had to truthful answer perhaps in some areas in my life I am.  We all get a little lukewarm and careless.  What is great about recognizing these careless acts are self-reflections, self- examination? It takes discipline to really delve into our own carelessness.  Many people decide to ignore this area.  When we ignore a careless area in our lives the careless behaviors repeat it-self.

In my previous blog, I spoke about the salesman who offered the lawn man a new way of cutting his lawn but he was so ridged in his decision he continued to use the bladed mower which took 5 hours to complete lawn.  The consideration and possibilities of an updated lawn mower was out of the questions.  The careless ridged thoughts of some will prevent progress. Now his decision not to change or upgrade could become a careless decision for example: We all know that over time blades rust.  When blades rust the risk of an injury like cutting your hands while pulling excess grass out of the blade is careless and the long term effect of a cut such as this one could become a problem.  It sounds fairly simple but it happens.

Careless decisions about our finances take place daily, many of us rob Peter to pay Paul constantly struggling to make since out of financial disability.  I call it financial disability because it renders you depended on others for income.  Boring, taking out loans, credit cards ect.  What you do to create financial disabilities could leave you in a suspended state.  The strategies used to disarm your financial wows must be strategic. In a strategic move you disarm the opponent.  You develop a movement that creates a winning outcome.
To win you must play.  If you sit in the same chair the same way you will get up the same way and nothing will change.  It is important to rid your lives of carelessness attitudes, behaviors and perceptions.  Hot or cold lukewarm each has its unwelcome place.
 Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” -Walter Anderson
If you are suspended between hot, cold and lukewarm battle until a balance occurs.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Rendering lukewarm helpless.

Monday, February 24, 2014

When Creativity and Ideas Cross Paths

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action.
Napoleon Hill

Have you ever put a plan on paper, put some thought about it and tucked it away? Wonder what causes many of us to hide ideas? Do you believe in the idea? What causes some to put their creative side to rest and others move forward with theirs? These are questions to ponder over. All of us have been there. Our thoughts are moving so quickly and it is difficult to keep up with the direction our thoughts are leading us too. I love the quote by Napoleon Hill.

Creating a definite plan if MLM training is your plan get started, assess and evaluate the need. Ask yourself what would people like to know about MLM? What can I offer that would give people a clear understanding on MLM? What tools would people need to begin MLM training? These are just an example on how to get your creative side to work.

What if you sale a produce you'll need to plan and begin to carry out your desire. An assessment and evaluation of your targeted audience is important. What is the need for your product? What are the benefits? How will your product help people? You must develop a plan and as Napoleon's quote states "Carry it out."

I know you saying, I'm not ready but not being ready is not an option. Getting ready is the option, planning ahead, researching, locating your targeting audience, finding out the needs of the audience and then implementing the plan? Yes you are right perhaps you will reevaluate this is also good. But, the first step is creating an Idea and carrying it out putting it into action. Develop strategies that will promote your services and keep the people wanting more.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady -creating an action plan.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gold Medal: Presenting in high fashion

This year we are celebrating the Winter Olympics from bobsledding to hockey, skiing, just to name a few. Would it be amazing if we started a Gold Medal award day for our family members. A day to acknowledge goggle, share on twitter the Golden Globe award Medal for our families accomplishments. Just image you have decorated the room your family spends the most time with golden balloons, and streamers. I can see a red carpet rolled out through the middle, everyone in their special attire making this day a memorable moment. The receiver will have the biggest smile every.

Our accomplished family members need inspiring and motivation. What a great way to celebrate each other by creating a day of Gold Medal presentations. You can create this time every month are annually. The key is starting the tradition that your family can pass on to generations. Here's a great quote: The family is one of nature's masterpieces ~ George Santayana. I have to agree because the artist in the family directs the course of the painting. What better way to show support to a family but through acknowledgement. So develop your plan, include an after party, right in your home.  Make a lot of noise to celebrate your families accomplishments this year, after all the best stars in your home are family members. Celebrate your family today.

Quote: Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. ~Gail Lumet Buckley.  

The Simpson odd, funny and even out of control but at the end of the day family is important. Laugh a lot together and celebrate. Its a Gold Medal day is your family up for the challenge??

Monday, February 3, 2014

Arriving To The Door Of Success Through The Labor of Travel

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labor.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Looking for the courage to success can be difficult. We wonder how others view our failures and success. Traveling Hope tags on to our dreams. The question becomes what are you dreaming? Is hope traveling with you, have you arrived before time? There are trials to challenge our journey and we must us wisdom and not emotion to continue.  To trust yourself to achieve greatness begins within your heart. Believing in a the dream is important. Knowing that you can do it and win are important components to this puzzling journey.

The opposite of I can do this, is I can not do this.  We must change the tape in our minds from we are losers, to we are winners, we can do it and have fun too. There are many successful ordinary people like you and I, not born of riches work hard and dream of making it in this life. The exciting thing about being hopeful is meeting obstacles head on. There are many ways to travel through a maze, and come out on the other side a winner. Our dreams should never go away, it should get stronger and materialize. 

Here are a few tips to drive your dream forward

1. Write it plain on the tablet
2. Develop Goals
3. Believe in yourself
4. Have faith in what you are trying to accomplish
5. Do not quit
6. Connect with people who believe in your dream/vision
7. Remember you are a winner
8. Success is what you make it, laboring for your success is important
9. Stay encouraged
10. Remove obstacles you have control of i.e. all negative people

Believe in your dream and make it materialize 

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I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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