Monday, January 23, 2012

Leadership-Leading the Troops

Just image you or the point man in the army, you are sent out to assess the grounds, making sure the area is clear of danger before the troop is sent in. Sometimes in the search for safety and new ways to travel the dangerous course a detour may be recommended. The recommendation by the point man is to travel the opposite direction, many agree but others do not. The results of individualizing the team are destruction and loss of troop, business is similar, your leadership and direction must lead the members to the top.
Leading the troops is strategic there must be a solid plan of success. The leader must be trusted.
1.      Status updates
2.      Congratulation of successful member
3.      Redirecting habits that create stagnation
4.      Re-educating the team intermittently
5.      Providing successful direction

These are suggestions that I have found to work for my teams. Leadership includes evaluation and seeking different strategies that make the business successful. Leading the Troops takes strength, critical thinking, strategies and daily examination. If you don’t success try, try again until you stumble-upon one that works.

Thank you for reading, your comments is important.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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