Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moonlight-Bringing light into focus

Moonlight-Bringing light into your life’s storms
There are days when the light just doesn’t shine in our lives, it may be related to the loss of a job, marriage, and or love one. Sunday our family was hit with an unexpected lost our mother my husbands’ mom. To some mom is the heart of the family, she is there when you are sick, confused and afraid. Mom listens with compassion and often times fills your heart with joy.
Mom is the moonlight that brightens the day when darkness clouds come your way, it is a difficult week for my family but, we will survive with the help of the good Lord who will send his comforter. I know this is not business related but even while we are working our businesses, tragedy hit throwing us into a storm.  In a storm its cold, dark, windy and dry how we choose to deal with this storm will determine when we come out of it.
Remember the scripture when the disciples were on the boat the wind picked up the waters became rough and the disciples saw Jesus sleeping. When they awaken Him he said to them why are you afraid? That is the question of the day.  I believe it means you have the greatest light on the boat i.e. “me” and you are worried about the storm? He gets up and tells the wind peace be still. This is significant when the storms of life begin to overshadow our moonlight this is the time we draw from the wells of knowledge, from the comfort of God and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. This is a tough week but with God nothing is impossible and this too shall pass.
Take the beacon of light with you and let it shine so that others will see your good works and glorify our father in heaven.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady
A sudden storm that dimmed our families light


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, never easy, my mom is my best friend, she is 87 now. I call her everyday with trepidation fearful she won't answer. Your faith will guide you I am sure. Prayers for you and your family. <3

  2. Jan, I must apologies for not responding to your heart felt message, thank you so much for your prayers. I appreciate your comment. I am honored that your mom is 87 and I can feel the love you have for her. Thank you again for reading my post and taking the time to respond.