Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Congratulation-A new beginning

When we see a new baby come in to the world, what is the first thing most people do? We congratulate the new baby or baby’s arrival, celebrations take place, gifts arrive and a new beginning begins.

A new beginning can be challenging in many ways. For example, the baby whom we have said, congratulation on a new beginning, will need help to meet daily activities, in support of the babies new beginning, we attend attentively to the baby’s need with loving kindness.

Well new people coming into our business are babies, it is a new beginning for them, it is important that we send out congratulation notices written or by phone. We should acknowledge their new beginning, be available to meet their growth needs and treat them with kindness.

Here’s a thought, babies that are neglected in their new beginning have a difficult time with trust. Some would argue that the statement is untrue. If you think about how we care for the babies needs could be transferable to our business. Here is the point, make a conscious effort to congratulate new affiliates, send a quick note, make a phone call, guide and direct their steps, and reassure them when they have tough days where nothing seems possible. Its’ holding the baby, congratulating a new beginning, until they become seasoned enough to move along without you, and then a new life take form on its own.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady Baby Congratulation-A new beginning

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