Friday, January 6, 2012

Special Needs-What are your special needs?

Special Needs- What are your special needs? How could Better Web Builder business and recruiting tools meet you special needs? Many of our businesses have special needs that could level up, improve the quality of the business. In my business nursingaffliate a boot camp for nurses, my special needs included a website, capture page, blogging system, auto responder, training program, product pages that could allow me to show case my products on line. The special needs you may have could include some of these special needs systems.

It is important to identify early during your planning stage of your business what are your special needs. For example, in marketing the special needs could include building a contact list, developing a targeted market, assessing your targeted markets special needs and evaluating if your business could meet the special needs of that targeted population. Your business is special and it is important to identify the special needs that make your business so unique.

Mr. Smith is a 20 year old, he wants to start a printing company, he surfs the net, investigates the competition and decides to develop a special needs list. This special needs list for Mr. Smiths’ business includes a product page to advertise his product. Well he looks into Better Web Builder business tools and finds product pages. He notices that he must sign up to join to begin using his tools.  Mr. Smith decided to purchase Gold package. The gold package provided customized web, blog, 5 product showcase tool, auto responder, link and traffic tracker, emailing system, customized capture pages and much more. This illustration gives you an example of what special needs your business may need.

From my business to yours wishing you a prosperous year….

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

What is your Special Need? ͠

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