Friday, August 8, 2014

Whimpering in the night

A cry of distress, whimpering silently in the night. Who will come to your rescue.
Imagine a cry in the night, restless tossing, sleep deprivation. One would say, not me but, so often it is you. We worry and replay the old song in our overloaded brains if only I . Think about this for a moment. What comes to mind? It's a question only you can answer. Human nature includes putting up protective walls and then camouflage the surface. Here's the problem, the periphery of our minds spill over the walls built thus creating fragmented rocks which block our thinking.
Walls isolate and keep one under seize. Walls are created to hold back, prevent entrance and to hide. No matter why the wall was built, your perception behind the wall becomes your reality.sometimes, our walls cordon off other's. Of course there are some we need to cordon off. But, what about the walls of grief, sorrow and regret? How dose one begin to tear these walls down? There are people, some friends that face grief, sorrow and regret daily. It becomes so  overwhelming, we erect walls of protection. Sometimes we remain behind these walls for long periods of time, that the wall consumes us. Sinking behind the wall alone, confused and afraid.

Definition of grief (n)

Bing Dictionary
 [ greef ]   

  1. intense sorrow: great sadness, especially as a result of a death
  2. cause of intense sorrow: the cause of intense, deep, and profound sorrow, especially a specific event or situation
  3. trouble: annoyance or trouble

Trouble an annoyance that grieves us daily. Some trouble we can control, others we can not. For example a death out of our control, debt we can control, hurt feelings control and the direction in which we lead, our lives, we can both control and influence. Grieving is a norm process getting through each phase is the key. Staying stuck is the problem. This wall, like a clay model we must chisel away until the form is perfected.
An unfortunate event like marrying the wrong person, for all the wrong reasons, involving yourselves in something you know is wrong. Sometimes we get in so deeply we loose our way. Can we recover absolutely. It begins with a decision to let go and to take charge of your life. It may mean whimpering in the night, pacing back and forth, coming up with a plan but, it will beat balling up in a fetal position sinking further into an isolated state.
Below is a link it's an article on 10 ways to release regret. I'm sure it will enlighten you

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  1. Carolyn,
    I love this post so much. It's something that really struck a cord with me. I use to work in the medical field as a CNA and that's where I learned to tune it off. After I quit I thought that wall was torn down but it's not.

    To this day I can not cry very easy (use to I could cry at the slightest of things) I build walls so that things done hurt and your right those walls can kill you.

    Thank you for a wonderful post.

  2. Susan thank for sharing your experience. It really helps when we talk about topics such as this. Thank you for stopping this is wonderful.

  3. I've been in a lot of grief experience, one thing I learn, that don't waste your time. You can grief and cry but for one night only, by tomorrow you move on ;) Thank you for such a great read

    1. You are right my mon says you have one night to be sad after that move. It's important to not sink. Love your comment

  4. Nice post, Carolyn. I can relate to this. Sometimes a person can grieve because of regret. That's me. That regret is always there behind my wall.

    1. Jeanne been there too. It's great to talk about it and share experiences it does help. Thanks for stopping by