Thursday, August 7, 2014

Strings that dangle

When someone is controlling, what do you do? A controlling person is difficult to be around. There are many people challenged daily. If you are a controlling person, who believes nothing is wrong, think again. Controlling others through intimidation, and manipulation are character flaws. Controlling people love and audience, the more people, the better. Struggling with inner self esteem is the root, and the branches hold these fruits; Outburst, temper tantrums, believing you are the problem, and pointing out your inadequacies. What a pill to swallow.
Controlling people rarely have a good listening ear. Their defense wall is up before you arrive. The question becomes: Is this normal in the minds of a controlling person? Controlling and diminishing the value of others is a problem. But, for the controller it is the name of the game. Outburst can occurs at any time. It's the knee jerk response to everything.Egg shell walking is the roll for the controlled. If you tip toe and walk on eggshells, how's that working for you? One would quest not good.
Oh boy here comes the fit attach. Beware, throwing nasty words and tearing down your confidence is coming. What strategies do you implement when controlling people have temper tantrums? It is not easy dealing with outburst and temper tantrums. This is exhausting. Boundaries are the keys in changing the way one approaches and speaks to
you..Just imagine your key ring dangling every time the controller yells, screams or demean you. It would distract the controller immediately. Set boundaries.
So often controlling people, believe the controlled person is the problem. A controlling persons common words include; It's because of you, if you had not, why did you make me, see what you've done, and I told you. The controller dose not compliment. They will point out your flaws. When your flaws are pointed out, the controllers flaws and inadequacies are not exposed. Recognizing their own issue is not a priority, after all perfection is their model.
Learning how to recognize controlling people will help you change how you deal with them. Below is a link to a post on recognizing a controlling person. Leave a comment below, I would live to read your views on this topic.


  1. Hey, Carolyn! I really enjoyed reading this. You have good insight into human character. I've worked and lived with very controlling people and it's not fun. Hopefully, no one sees me that way. I don't think they do. It's nice to read your work again. I haven't seen you around for a while! Peace

    1. Thank you so much for your comment I love to write and inspire people. It's so cool to see you back.