Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trimming down the fat

He who is brave is free.
Brave, having the courage to face danger, difficulties, and pain. To examine courage, one would need to define what is courage, how does courage look, and how to apply courage. Sounds easy but, often challenging. A woman stayed in her dark room for months. She would speak to herself and imagine someone was there. For days without light her room darken. No one could understand the cause of her dark hours, only she knew it's cause. For 6 months darkness governed the doorways of her mind. In the six month she asked to go outside. Suddenly a break through. Imagine sitting at the foot of one's bed in darkness. The darkness of one's mind. What a joy when a sudden glimpse of hope arrives. It thanks courage.
How many of us have experienced difficulties in our lives? It is amazing how the storms of life toss people to and fro. Everyone deals with difficulties differently. Some overeat, cover their problems with drugs and alcohol, and even become violent. What you face today may pave the way for some peace in your life. One of the goals of life is findings peace. Peace in your home's, family and in the work place. Without peace you will find agitation, anxiety, frustration and anger. Many of us experience these daily. 
The key is finding the root and dealing with it. For example: Money problems trim back, marital problems go back and review your vows together and seek counseling. If one dose not want to go then you go. Loneliness, it's Friday night and you are without a date treat yourself, plan a pamper party and invite 3 of your closes single friends and pamper one another. This could include facials, make up and nail care. For the men it's a video game night, card night with those few that feel the same. Sometimes we must relearn how to have fun.
I recalled an episode of twilight zone these elderly patient living in a home just wanted to remember their childhood games, fun times. One of the elderly male friends said, "stop thinking of this we are old and sick, can do these things any more." Well, the elderly friends imagined being young again and playing kick the can ran in the forest and became children again leaving the friend who believed himself to be sick, and old crying for them to take him too. 
So often we believe in what we can not do first without exploring what we can do. The question becomes, now that you know your thoughts play a major roll in life, what are you going to do about it? 
Trimming the fat includes your thoughts too.
Pain comes in various forms, mental and physical. It can send your life twisting like a twister. Surely it is not fun and it affects each of us differently. 
Agonizing over circumstances,  leads to mental pain. Headaches, fatigue and physical distress are symptoms not wanted. We tire ourselves out agonizing over situations. 

I love this image. Finding yourself may mean removing other's out of your life.
Training the fat just like removing a little fat off the meat one side at a time. Negative people on one side of the list and positive on the other. No in between. If they are on the list distance yourselves.once you have found yourself, then slowly add them back.

Training down the fat is a painful process but, necessary. Start your trimming  today. The good news by the New year you will have a different perspective.


  1. We all do definitely have to deal with different difficulties in our lives. It's often tough to have the courage to face and examine them. Being positive and surrounding yourself with good people really helps.

  2. Thanks Salma for you comment. I agree with you facing our difficulties are challenging. Surrounding ourselves with positive people is important.

  3. The main thing is that we must take action! Because that is the only way that fear will be extinguished!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. I like that Lawerence extinguishing fear oh yeah.