Saturday, August 16, 2014

The safe course

Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.

I was wondering how does one have faith in themselves. With daily failures and questions about the future, it seems impossible to believe in oneself. Well, that's the clique many would hope as a people we believe. Let us take it a little deeper. Faith, what does this really mean? Faith strong believe in someone or something (
The question becomes: If Faith in oneself is the best and safest course, would it be fair to say without faith your course is unsafe?
Having strong faith in self comes with lots of responsibilities. It includes making good decisions, remaining loyal to the cause and understanding when the course you've taken is unsafe. Having faith in what you decide to do requires investigation before you leap the wrong way.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of  things not seen (Hebrews 11;1 KJV). The core of the matter, is unbelief, and lack of  hope in the evidence that is not seen. For example: A family out of control, is  decline rapidly, no improvement in sight. How does one have faith to change an uncontrolled environment into a control one? when there are  fighting, fussing, yelling and screaming daily? One way to change this uncontrolled environment is to take full authority. Set boundaries immediately. Discontinue leaking words that breed death to the families core and began  saying words that speak life. No longer are words used like you will amount to nothing, try saying the way you fix this is great OR, the way you expressed your feeling today showed maturity great job.
Having the faith to know that your action and examples will influence any situation is a sign of maturity.
What is the point of conversation if every time it becomes a battle. One, daily battling is exhausting, it creates hopelessness , and it shreds away trust. The question becomes, Where is your faith? Are you willing to look beyond what you see and hold on to what has not manifested yet? Will you change your perception and tie the cords of  faith around you? It is about renewing the mind and not fearing change. 
There was a question posted on Facebook: What is the difference between leader and stubborn? Share your thoughts? Take a leap of faith belief In oneself prepare by renewing the mind. Spending energy on what ifs, will not work. What if and worry, belong in the land of doubt. Stay off this landmine it will destroy you. No matter what it looks like, take action immediately and change. I leave you with this thought: So a man thinks, so he is. What are you thinking today.


  1. The most important part of this article is "So a man thinks, so he is." Our thoughts expressed defines what others think of us. It also defines what we think of ourselves.

    1. I agree with you Dennis it's about what you think about yourself and that is what others see.