Thursday, May 3, 2012

Painting-A picture of self-esteem

                                                     Earl Nightingale The Essence of Success

Painting-A picture of self-esteem removing a restrictive attitude
The picture you paint for yourself is it true.  Are you forming a mental image of yourself when you worry about yourself, failure and concentrate on failure you will fail and get sick what has happened you have concentrated on the failure so intently?
1.      Forgive others with no strings attached forgive every person clean the slate absolutely clean the slate for your sake and your own peace of mind. We don’t hurt others when we hold grudges against others it can lead to serious illness. If you can-not take this first step you can forget the rest you have not grown up yet.
2.      Forgive yourself see  yourself with kind eyes try to completely rid yourself of all the embarrassment you’ve suffered the pain you’ve had in the past and mistakes you’ve made in the past wipe clean the slate  look in the mirror and practice this blame does not help it is a destructive emotion see your-self at your best.
3.      See yourself at your best as Doctor Maxwell Moss put it, we can start the day with confidence or frustration take your pick. The intelligent thing to do is to pick confidence if at all possible there are bad days but it is better to start your day with confidence mood than a mood of frustration.
4.      Keep up with yourself don’t worry about what others are doing or what others have done or have. keep your pace it is different than the pace of others it is faster than some and slower than others forget the Jones and don’t fill guilty for moving ahead of some of your contemporary the person who deliberately   hold himself down to a slower pace just to be with the gang is a fool. Live your own life.  Don’t be too concern about how others are living their lives, live your life. Know thyself.  

Doctor Maxwell Moss and Earl Nightingale discussed self-esteem method and practicing techniques that will improve our attitude. Developing self-destructive behaviors can be changed.  We are not all the most intelligent, and smart we have weakness but they should not direct what we think or fell about ourselves.  We have deep reservoirs of talent develop them.  If you spend your life mimicking the talents of others you will not live your own life.

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Retrieved the 4 points from Earl Nightingale
Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Surpassing the image of self. 

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