Friday, May 18, 2012

Mentor-Mentoring pick a part my brain part 2

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. 
John C. Crosby 

Each of us needs a good listening ear, a push in the right direction and a brain to pick.  Don’t you agree?  Direction, many of us use some type of navigational system such as MapQuest.  This tool pulls up directions to a particular place.  When we input the information, map populates directions.  Sometimes it is right on target and others times it will lead you the wrong way.  Mentoring is similar.  A mentor pushes you to the right directs.  But, just like the navigational system, what you provide to the mentor will determine whether the right directions are given.

Giving the right directors means you know your objective, goals and strategies.  The mentor will assist you, guide and encourage you.  For example, I’m a Registered Nurse who happens to love Network Marketing.  My goal is to create opportunities for people who are looking for an Internet marketing business.  The strategies I use include advertising, blogging, videos, and quotes.  I pick the brain of my mentor quite often, but I also call just to check in.  I believe this is important.  Checking in to say hello enhances the relationship.
Mentors have a good listening ear.  Mentors are ready to assist your growth.  They are encourager's and take pleasure in watching you succeed.  In nursing mentors and preceptors differ.  Preceptors, train, demonstrate and guide your performance. 

 Preceptors ensure that a nurse is equipped to manage patient care in a particular setting.  Mentors on the other had push and guide the goals you have set up to advance.  For example, I’m interested in decreasing the readmission rate of chronically ill patients with Congestive Heart Failure.  The mentor I have for this area is an advance MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing).  She is guiding and pushing my goals, objectives and strategies.  I’m a MSN student at this time and need mentoring by an expert in the field of nursing.

On the other hand, I also have a mentor for business.  My mentor has over 20 plus years in network marketing, has a listening ear, allows me to pick her brain and advises me in the direction that I have chosen.
Mentors are expert in the field.  Like MapQuest, if the wrong information is imputed then the directions provide just might take you off course.  Strategies organization and plan before meeting your mentor are important.  Let the work will begin to your success.

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  1. posted: 22 sec(s) ago
    Stephen Hanks
    Great blog and information and very true. A Great mentor knows they can only help if they have the proper information and questions given to them, with which they can then help you!

  2. Thanks Stephen for your comment. I agree with you great mentors produce great business leaders.

  3. Excellent insights on Mentoring - Congratulation Carolyn for sharing your thoughts with us. All my achievements came to life due to my Mentor's great love, care and guidance. Cannot say more than that. Thank you Carolyn and wish to see more on mentorship.

    Kind regards,
    Mircea aka GetExcellence

  4. Thank you Koson very much for sharing your comments.