Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hungry-You got to be hungry

I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.
Les Brown

Hoop of flames will not stop me from taking a running leap with vigor, strength and tenacity.  Let me encourage you today take a leap of faith and run through the inconveniences of life with purpose.  Les Brown one of the greatest motivators stated, “You got to be hungry.”  What are you hungry for today?
I know you awaken this morning and said, “I don’t want to work for anyone else,” I desire my own home-based business, I want to travel the world, only if I had enough money, and time.  These are statements we’ve all made in some shape of form.  What are you hungry for?  If you could change the course of your life, which direction would you travel?

It is important to identify your needs, set a goal and take action, get moving make steps to improve your current situation.  Inconvenience comes every day.The inconvenience of computer crashing, system too slow, cell phone minutes to low, cell phone charges to high, the bank wouldn't cash your check or the check has not arrived yet.  How about the line is too long and I have a meeting.  We could go on with the inconveniences of life but, they are just that inconveniences that temporarily stall our lives.

Les Brown put it the best, put your dreams into action, live your dream, say the dream and then get hungry.  If Bill Gates was not hungry he would not be who he is today, what about Art and Rob Phelps if they did not get hungry to create a business that works on line no one would know about their contribution to online marketing.  Warren Buffet a business magnet. I’m sure you may think of many. What about you?  How are you leaping through the hoops of fire? Are you leaping in fear? Tip toeing to the hoop and peeking into the hoop saying, I’m not ready yet? Taking a running start as fast as you can but then something causes you to stop? Did you put thought to it while running?  How many times do you hear, don’t go through that hoop it is not for you.  Let me leave you with this Get Hungry and leap with vigor, strength and tenacity
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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-I’m motivated, innovative and leaping, come leap with me.


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    1. Christopher I'm glad you enjoyed this blog. Les Brown is awesome.

  2. As an internet marketer we know it is finding the need and filling it. If you have no understanding of the reason within yourself you won't find it in others. We had real needs and it would have been better for us to have done it sooner. For us it was a leap of faith. It was real hot there for a while however once through the question was "Why did we wait so long?"

  3. Dennis it does take some longer to grasp ideas and concepts. But, boy once they get it watch out. Everyone learning curb is different. But, I love a leap of faith it is also needed while learning. Thanks for stopping by your comment is greatly appreciate.