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Step it up- Caught up in the rat race Part 3

Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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Step it up-Caught up in the rat race
Part 3

Self- Effacing
In part 2 we discussed how Glasow thinking abilities afforded him a 60 year business as an American Humorist bringing joy to the world through humor.  Glasow is also known for self-effacing.  Self-effacing is one who keeps in the background, usually modest and tends not to drawn attention to themselves (

Glasow love to give of himself.  For 93 years up until he passed away he remind loyal to his followers.  In part 2 it was stated he wrote his first book at age 90.  This speaks to his passion and drive.  To write a book at age 90 says a lot.  Many of our elderly population develop thinking processes which suggest “I’m done, old and who will need me, there is nothing else for me to do.”

Wrong attitude it is a new beginning another chapter of your life.  One way to begin your new life is starting a home-based business.  Get involve with your community, assist an activity director in the local senior center.  If you don’t have health challenges that interfere with your involvement step it up and keep moving.  Having a generous spirit means inside your heart and soul you have the compassion to help others.  Giving of your-self in forms that help others succeed.

Generous Spirit
God is so generous to us.  He gives us the spirit of generosity and wants us to utilize it by being motivated into action.   We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift John 1:16.
The gifts given to us should be used to edify and build each other.  The gift of generosity is one gift we need.  In our current businesses we all give free products and services.  This is to help new affiliates get started.  An important concept to remember involves follow up.

I received an email from a new affiliate that stated the following: “Thank you for your email welcoming me to the business, often no one ever gets back or call.”  Wow, I thought.  Follow up is very important and a necessary method in business.

A generous spirit  develops a humble heart, and promotes kindness.  These are qualities to embrace.  It is very difficult to work with others who lack humility, kindness and are always angry.  In addition to a generous spirit is patient’s.  We all struggle with patients.  My mentor brought this out on one of our session.  During the instructions, I had demonstrated an impatient moment towards myself because I was not getting what was taught.  A mentoring heart Terri Pattio said calmly “Be patient you are learning.”  These simple words settled my anxiety and allowed me to refocus, and hear the instructions.

Often times in our daily activities something triggers an anxious moment.  It is very important to reduce anxiety and increase patients so learning can take place.  Tug yourself and take a step back, look clearly at that which is causing anxiety and change the behavior immediately.  Why? Because you’ll need to keep focused.

Glasow ignored the spot light.  He remained in the background and yet made an impact on the lives of many.  In our Internet marketing business we can make an impact too by sharing, giving and helping others. Don't be surprise when your generosity returns to you in an awesome way.

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  1. Excellent blog, thank you for reminding us.

  2. Hello Carolyn, very refreshing to see your blogs. It gives me new insight on how we should act when learning new ways of doing business. Thanks for being a part of my business social life. Have a blessed one!