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Step it up- Caught up in the rat race Part 2

Step up-Caught up in the rat race

Part 2
Glasow’s quote wowed the world.  He spoke on setting your-self on fire not literally but your thoughts, and actions.  When we are on fire people are ignited.  When the fire goes out so will our connections.  
In the part 1 we just heard the results of a photo finish.  The winners step up the stairs trying to avoid the rat race to the pay-off cage while the horse, jockey and owner take pictures of the winning horse.  What an exciting day for those who bet their wages and the owner.  As the day wines down and the stands clear the training begins again to ignite the fire needed to win again.

 His first book written at age 90

Glasow wrote his first book at age 90.  Remember his business wowed the world over 60 years.  Can you image the challenges he faced?  This is why we continue to focus on the dream, and not the work it takes to achieve the dreams.  This suggests as we mature in age there are still lots to do.
Glasow remained on fire until he passed away at age 93.  What a wonderful story. 
What has humor got to do with it?  Everything, humor should be a part of our lives.  Even when difficult times hit the steps of your door.  Difficulty runs down the stairs when humor hits the door so laugh a lot.  Remember the story of the tortious and the hare?  The hare knew in his mind that the tortious was slow, would never make it so he just messed around, frolicking around teasing and poking at the tortious and he lost the race.  The tortious won because he stayed on course and did not let the distractions of the know it all hare disrupt his steps.  It is a funny story and children all over the world laugh.

Steve Harvey a well- known comedian loves old school music.  In the Kings of Comedy he alludes to an old song Lenny Williams “Cause, I love you” he compared the songs of today with the songs of old.  His presentation of this era was so funny he had the audience wowed because of the memories.  He ignited the memories of many of us who followed Lenny Williams ‘songs.  As the song is played Steven Harvey gives an electrifying posturing that caused the audience to scream with wows.  People need humor and the business you promote will find them ignite them with laughter. 
Glasow was a thinker he believed in his work and wanted to share his humor corner with the world.  He paved the way nationally until it was accepted and now called upon.  We must be thinker also promoting links and sharing business are good methods but to wow people a concept unique to your business is necessary.  The methods you use could be in the form of videos, blogging, advertising, or an auto-responder voice mail message.  Choose a method that works for your business.  Thinkers evaluate the targeted audience, and then tailor their business presentation to meet the needs.  When speaking to prospects have a pen or pencil available and jot down key words stated by the prospect.  This will help you remain engaged.  Put on your thinking cap before you make contact.

What I love about Glasow is his ability to bring the best out of people through humor what a wonderful concept.  Thinkers step up the stairs and out run the rat race. Look for part 3
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  1. Carolyn, you are a superb blogger. Love the way you weave in priceless tips for getting to know the client/customer to better serve. Thanks for this great blog.
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