Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Activity-The Business Scene

Many activities and team play participation will give you a training that will prove invaluable later on in life.
Walter Annenberg

Good morning everyone Carolyn Coleman-Grady here I thought like this quote the word activities and team play are the words that popped out for me today.  Walter Annenberg a Philanthropic. He has multiple attributes.  The one attribute that interest me today is his giving heart.  He is known for giving more than $ 2 billion cash over the years according to Christopher Ogden (www.nytimes.com). He had multiple talents and was respected by many. Walter Annenberg died at the age of 94.  
Giving is so important in business. 

Customers look for perks.  For example when grocery shopping the cash registered kicks out coupons these coupons are in anticipation of your return. Restaurants now offering twenty dollar meals for two they realize there are many other restaurants you could choose to dine in so restaurants, stores and advertisers have developed creative ways to draw your business back to theirs.

I believe it is significant to advertise and promote your business, but giving away services to promote people is equally important. Meeting the needs of others means there are times when giving something free is the answer.  In today’s economy people are struggling daily to meet their needs.  It is our opportunities that they are looking for.  Providing an avenue of changes is important.  Helping others break the cycle of living from pay check to pay check. This will require changed thinking.

The activities we provide should include teaching, promoting, providing information that is clear, detailed and organized.  When perspective prospects visit business sites they are looking for opportunities.  If the page they’ve visited is lacking comprehensible information expect them to move on.  Each of us has different learning styles and intelligence.  It is important that we promote our activities with the learners in mind.  There are those who learn through music, kinetics, written and mathematics.  We have those who learn through videos and audiotapes.  Which every the style of learning it is our responsibility to provide it for the prospect.

Promoting your business in a language that only you understand only benefits you but providing clear, detailed comprehensible information about your business will benefit everyone. Giving of yourself freely to ensure that everyone involved in your business understands the concepts you’ve provided is important.  It makes you a better team player.
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