Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Tip Time

I want to speak with you regarding building a better you. The key ingredient to solidifying your character is knowing your true self . Leaving behind the images others project on you. Some people build their image on the tailgating of others. This is quite frustrating. Knowing who you are  is the beginning steps in turning your life around.

Here are a few tips to begin building a better you

1. Laugh more
2. Don't take life so serious
3. No one thinks like you but you
4. Improve your social skills
5. Do not be a knee jerker
6. Smile more
7. Help others
8. Know it's okay to make a mistake just don't make the same mistake
9. Learn to love yourself
10. Stop being critical of self and others

Laughter is good for the soul learn to relax. Everything including your home based business is not that serious. Remember learn to live. Life is what you make it, stop regretting and wishing you should have  taken another path. It is never to late begin today.  There are people that become stressed out when others do not think like you think. There are various ways to share your vision. Remember some people need it spelled out and others catch the vision and run with it just by hearing. So, don't fret, choose the right strategy for the target audience.

Stop the knee jerk. Some of us react to situation before we investigate. The results of knee jerking is bad decisions. Take the time to exam thoroughly.

Helping others will bring you Joy It's not about disabling others but, enabling  through empowering people. We have all made mistakes, made a wrong turn lately? Learning from mistakes is important.

Learn to love all of you, from your head to you toes. Focusing on your flaws will bring you sorrow. It's okay to laugh at yourself.
Rid yourself of criticism unless it is positive enough to make change.

I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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  1. I love this blogpost because of three things. We must have a genuine smile, listen to what others want and help them get it, and we must avoid making the same mistake twice!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. Thank you Lawrence for stopping by I agree with you. Smile, listen and help

  2. It's hard not to take life seriously at times, but we all can use a little more laughter in our lives. I definitely think helping others is a great way to bring that positive feeling to our lives. Thanks for the post, it was a great reminder.

    1. Thank you Allan for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you

  3. Love your post and great tips. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Priya for your comment your support is appreciated