Monday, April 14, 2014

Ice City Freezes Attitudes and Excludes Others


The Ice House Freeze City

I describe Ice City as a place where self-centered people live. their street lamp,  light up the signs with words like: I'm first avenue, what about me boulevard, and  stay off my side Circle Drive.The citizens here promote self-centered businesses. Any services that benefit themselves is acceptable. Ice House has no leaders or rulers. there commonalties include maintaining, and promote self. 


The image is only for the noses

Have you every visited someone living in this city? Perhaps waved hello in passing? These citizen have attitudes that exclude you. Ice cool coffee is sweeter than those who live there. Where blends of Cafe' Ole  brings a smile  to most , not to these citizen. The characteristic of those privileged to live in Ice city include:   dry faced, no smiles, cold shoulder, and no eye contact. They never take the time to stop and ask anyone what they are doing, or how's it going? I'm sure you are wondering what is this post about?

I'm glad you asked it's about people who's nose is stuck in the air, lack courtsey, and will not give you the time of day. They are never interested in what you are doing. Like some friends we have. You call them and the entire conversation is about them. And, right before you hang up the phone, they ask you, how are the kids? You say fine and the friends says ok speak soon and hangs up. There are business leaders the same way cut you off, speak only to their success and never ask you how's your business, and do you need help.

They don't live across the street from Ice City, but snack dab in the 
middle. Remember this illustration only speaks to those people who are cold hearted and only think of themselves on every level. I'm sure it is not you? What are your thoughts? 

I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady



  1. If you are self centered and making the conversation ONLY about yourself it is not the direction to head into. Because you can't have a monologue, you have to have a dialogue. And futhermore, the more you have in common with someone the more time you will be spending together.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. Lawrence I agree monologues belong in theater, a one man show does not work in business and perhaps our individual lives. You said, the more you have in common with someone the more time you spend together excellent point. Thanks for your response

  2. I meet them all the time!! :D :D

  3. Me too Esha thanks for reading and leaving a comment