Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting down to Business: What are your Challenges

Learning to apply yourself with the serious matter of business. Getting down to business includes determining what you will develop, its all about supply and demand. What is the point in developing product and services that no one needs? Most people get stuck at the development stages of a business. One key component in development is planning. Write the plans clear and simple. I wonder what went through the mind of Gates, Forbes and many other big business experts? How many hard knocks did it take before the final product was completed. Sometimes, when the world is tumbling down around us, we contemplate and dream but, we never take action. What happens to a dream deferred? Today is a great day to start. 

    We need  desire and  passion for building a business. It takes time, and hard work. Prioritize daily will reduce burn out. Understand that the building of any profitable business requires full attention. Could you image a new business owner saying, oh well I work on the business tomorrow or the next day? Nurture your business. I found a great article on challenges in starting a business. You will find it interesting too. I have provided you with the link below,

we all need information it is what makes us grow. This article talks about building a business from scratch. It is like cooking there are ingredients needed. Yes, we can short cut in cooking adding substitute ingredients but, look out it may not come out the same. It is the same with business. There are steps to developing a business. Survey the need first. The writer of this article quoted two from Thomas Jefferson, you'll love them. Transforming business problems into business opportunities who is up for the challenge? One of the goals is developing a great business plan. I found this article compact with great ideas and suggestion to move your business idea to the next level.

Meet these challenges head on develop and plan

Great business begin with an opportunity that transforms an idea into an empire. Stick with it, never give up on your dreams. Remember Knowledge is power.

I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady


  1. There are always obstacles and challenges in everything we do. Planning ahead and facing them with positive attitude helps.

  2. Thank you Priya for reading this post. I agree with you

  3. I love this post because you have to definitely deal with all the obstacles and the challenges. There is no way around it in any business. Most importantly people buy YOU not your product or your opportunity.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. Thank you Lawrence for commenting. Active participation in business is what keeps it growing