Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leadership-Focusing and Attracting from the power you have inside

Leadership-Focusing and Attracting from the power you have inside

Pointing others in the right direction, knowing the next step, and leading others to do what you do. You must be the leader of many, if you can't lead one you can't lead any. The traits of leaderships include knowing your goals, and objectives will help you become highly successful as a leader.

A quality leader has the vision, and places the vision inside. Leaders arrive earlier to webinar's, explore the website for understanding, imparting leaders have the vision, conviction, and inspired the energy get to it done. Leaders have a goal and believe they can achieve it.

Leaders make decide once they have the vision, set goal, and do not fluctuate in their minds. Leaders stand firm in a decision to do or not to do. Leaders get the information then make a decision and stick by that decision. Thomas Edison did not stop after 100 times making a light bulb he made a decision or Cornell Sanders who rode around until he reached his goal. Make your mind say I will, I can reach my goal. Leaders know change happen as a result of decision, make a decision to deal with them or not deal with them. Once a conscious decision is made, implement it right away. Every successful person makes decision, until you make a decision you are sitting in a limbo.

Focus on what you are doing this is critical don't deal with what has gone wrong expend your energy on what is going right.  Believe you are going to get the people to build your business, and you will. Leaders know where attention goes results go, concentrate on what you want to achieve.

  1. Keep Goal in the focus
   2. Attitude

Having the right mental attitude, as you have that focus on where you are going and watching it every day it will give you that enthusiasm, excitement needed to reach your goals. You do this by looking at the other qualities, focus, concentrate and ensure the goal without anything stopping you from achieving that goal. Get excited!!!!!

If you think you can or think you can't either way you are right
Leading by example, it is what you want your people to do. Encourage by helping them to becoming successful. They will began to do what they know will give them success. You set an example by your activity and or in activities. Commit to webinar’s, get there early like office meetings introducing your-self, and shaking hands remember that, led by example. Create ways to respond to people, you must set an example good or bad. Set the right example. Be what you want your distributors to be. Look in the mirrors and see if you would sponsor you.

Setting an example is not the main means of influence another it is the only means
 Albert Einstein
If you what to soar take off, as you take flight people will follow you. Final thoughts success does not happy overnight fly right now today move forward.

 I appreciate you spending time reading this blog.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Leading by example

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