Sunday, February 26, 2012

Engine-AudiR8 or Bentley

Hi Carolyn Coleman-Grady here, it is 6:40am and what popped in my head was AudiR8 and Bentley both expensive cars but a wonderful dream which could come true with hard work and persistence. Now let’s look at the engines, under the hood of AudiR8 there is a V8 high powered engine which lots of horse power, the parts are sophisticated, and difficult to work on, but it is super-fast. The cost of maintenance is low, and it speed is over 100 miles per hour.  

Bentley is stylish, classy and very expensive. let’s take a look under the hood. It has a V8 engine with a lot of horse power; the speed of a Bentley is over 200 miles per hour. A Bentley is smooth, and sleek. This car is hand crafty and built in England. Bentley’s motto, “look to the past to refine the future.” ( The spirit of adventure was equally exemplified by W.O Bentley & Wolf Barnato; they were equally enthusiastic about winning the Le Mans. Although the Bentley is fast, and designed to race I would drive a Bentley slow.

Now, you are probable wondering what is the relationship with business; well I’m glad you asked. Looking for the right business, you have to review history, know the when, what and where. Look under the hood check out the parts, track the progress, and its growth. What is the cost to maintain the business? Compare the cost of up grading paying less than 94 cents per day is better than paying over 3 dollars per day.

On your system check, review the system is it user friendly? Both engines are expensive but the Bentley maintenance cost is significantly lower than the AudiR8. Choose a system that is user friendly, with a navigation system you can learn and understanding.  There is nothing more frustrating than apps you can’t figure out. What happens you close the hood, it is equally important to review if the business systems you choose will work with your existing business. 

What I like to see in a business is its tracking system. I want to track my traffic. For me this is an important feature. Just like the AudiR8 and the Bentley if they had not tracked the performance how could they know what needs to be changed or added?

There are many features to review and you will need to determine what business meets your need. If I had to compare better web builder features I would compare them with the Bentley because under the hood you’ll find just what you need enhance your business performance.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady¶¶¶~Bentley please

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