Saturday, May 24, 2014

Host Blog:Are you a highjacker

This blog was written by Terri Patio, she is a mentor with a mentoring heart. The title of this blog is are you a hijacker? Terri provides definitions and stimulates your thinking. The question becomes is this you? There is blog etiquette, respect of the author. Comments left on any one's blog should be relevant. Talking about you blog and business in the comment is inappropriate, unless you had been asked. The author is looking for discussion. Many times the author will leave you with a question. 

One way to comment on a blog is take the content and discuss. Like this one there is good content that will draw conversation and create discussion. Terri is a member of Ibotoolbox, if you are not you will be able to share which I recommend. But, feel free to leave your comment below.I would love to hear your thoughts. 

On my review of this blog I give it 5 stars.

I'm Carolyn Coleman-Grady


  1. Never had a blog hijacker on mine...maybe because its such a personal blog that folks respect it and me enough not to be rude. Now on blogging group pages,that is another story entirely!

  2. That's true Michael, I have not either most of my blogs are mingled with encouragement thanks for commenting I appreciate your feed back

  3. I have not had a high-jacker either, lucky. Just in blogging groups! Thanks for sharing the article, Carolyn.

  4. Thanks for sharing your comment Jeanne I really appreciate your time.

  5. Great article! I have had spammers on my blog and thats why I changed my blog comment setting for moderation..

  6. Very interesting topic, Content is much heavy than any other

  7. I've had a blog hijacker once. Completely agree that when commenting, your comment should be relevant to the post :)

    1. So true it's building from the topic and dialoguing