Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Failing is not an option

Failure is in the mind of those who already feel defeated. Failure can rip and tear at our hearts, leaving us depressed and isolated. Failure is just a wall that blocks the door, locking, and closing that door so tight that the failure can't open.

Victory comes along and decides to lend you a helping hand by prying the hinges until failure has to let go. Victory wipes your brow and pads your face dry. You have fought until your limbs are too weak for movement. Victory pulls you up, places your shoes on those old tired feet, and helps you move from one area to another.

Victory gives you new direction, in site, and strength. A smile creeps up and straightens up your face, shines a bright light that, guides you enough until something happens a decision. A decision to move forward and leave the mistake behind. Travel time with me into 2012, improve the quality of your life by building something that will excite, move and stimulate your mind. Share with others your new found self. What a wonderful beginning. Just step right in, its first class for you all the way.

I believe it is your time to shine: I'd like to share with you today an adventure. Please review and leave a comment. What you think matters.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady
The Heart that cares.   Failing is not an option

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