Monday, March 3, 2014

Ibotoolbox- Traffic that's what they all say

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

March 2, 2014

                            Ibotoolbox Rocks it is the stair of the internet come and see how Ibotoolbox
                            Will work for your business the members are great, the business platform is fun
                            And you advertise your business for free. Check the ratings out on Google.
                            Visit the link

                What are the benefits of Ibotoolbox?
1.       Free advertisement
2.       Free Widgets and Tools
3.       96% target views to your business
4.       Building associate relationships
5.       Leads and prospects
6.       Training
7.       Help & support
8.       Featured Member of the Day
9.       Blogging
10.   Credit rewards
11.   Contributor options
12.   Indexing

Ibotoolbox is a free advertising platform and per Paul Williams the creator it will never cost to use the platform. 

Why I recommend

Since I have been a member, my primary business Better Web Builder has increased by 45%.  I think one thing I love about Ibotoolbox is the members.  The members here are supportive, participate and encourage one another.  You will learn a lot about running ads, advertising and writing blogs.  Reading and sharing the content of others will help anyone understand how the platform works.  There are help videos and webinar training sessions that will increase your understanding of the platform.

Who would pass up a free advertising platform? Not me.  This is a great business decision.  New members are joining every day.  The platform continues to grow.  There’s a great future here on Ibotoolbox and I recommend you join today.  A free advertising platform for your business why pass up this opportunity?

How do you join?

Click the link below and complete your profile. Choose a picture that expresses you, one with a smile, were you are joyous and causes viewers to take a closer look. Find a picture that shows your kindness I recommend a picture that reflects your business.  If your product is fitness, it makes since to have on appropriate fitness training attire.  If you are a Realtor one suggestion is a business suit, and tie.  Whatever you choose to wear make it a great photo be sure your profile is not an egg, or a cartoon character.  Remember when others review your profile they are looking to see if your business is legitimate, and live. So choose wisely.

What is next now that I’ve joined?

Now that you have joined, you will receive 100 points once your profile is completed.  This converts to 500 credits to get you started with advertising your business. View the members advertising example it will help you.  When advertising your link it is important to use http it goes first.  A link with just   www and your website is not click able. It must be    
I hope this is helpful for you to get started thanks for stopping by join my blog by clicking the link above.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Ibo toolbox rocks.


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  3. Plenty of people on this network Carolyn. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks RB it is a great platform I in hope it continues to grow

  4. First am hearing of this platform, and as you stated- no one pass free quality traffic. Am going to see how it works and join.
    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

    1. You will like it there Frank you will 100 credits once you complete your profile.

  5. This is excellent that you can share with others what you learned from blogs! You give and receive value that can help take your business to the next level!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. Lawrence thank you very much for your comment

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  6. Great value post Carolyn! Thanks!